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These are various videos depicting some aspect of life here, scenes about town, or of the school, or other things we may have been involved in. Clicking on the title will take you to that video page.

Every year this high school goes to an interior location. This year, they went to Mokndoma in the Papuan highlands. We heard it was quite cold.

An alumni from Hillcrest, before it became Hillcrest, recently made a video of places he experienced here. Pictures of the early school are included. This work is solely his work and we have borrowed it from his youtube channel.

Every so often a devasting flood will happen in Sentani. Torential rains pour down the mountain and wash boulders and mud into the streets and homes below. This flood happened in March 2019.

This video shows some of the ways teaching helps advance the Kingdom of God.

Every year, there is a concern about staffing the school with teachers. Teachers are usually short-term (2-year average) stays. This makes for a big turnover and a scramble during the summer to make sure all the slots are filled. Often, people have to leave their ministry assignments to fill in when professionals aren't available. Please consider coming to Hillcrest to teach.

Every year our high school students go to an interior location for anthropological studies, language studies, and ministry.

One of our children is in this video.