We believe that God has called us to aid Bible Translation by working overseas as teachers. We have been trained as teachers and believe that it is our reasonable service (Romans 12:1). There are 265 languages in our province. Twenty-seven have adequate Scriptures. Forty-one languages are being translated by other members of our team. This means personnel (families) are needed for many years. We aid the team by providing educational services to the children of translators (Romans 12:4 - 7). We believe this is the most important and long-lasting job that we can do.

What We Do

We disciple the next generation of Christian workers.  We do this by spending large quantity time with students in order to have quality moments when we can lead them to Christ.


Mark is a senior at our high school.  On New Year's Eve he suffered a life-threatening injury while on a hike up Cyclops Mountain.   He is recovering well.  All the prayers requested for him were answered abundantly well.  Praise the Lord!  Click "read more" for the complete story of the injury.

During the first two weeks of November, I was able to help train others in creating websites which feature their Bible translations. A funny thing happened during the training.


Pray For Peace In Our Village

Mike and I have been praying for the "E" people. They now have a translator and church planter with them. This just came in from that team.


Is It Safe?

I am frequently asked if it is safe "over there."  My answer is "No, it isn't."  But is there safety anywhere in this earth?


Four of Our 2012 Graduating class

I read on Facebook
of graduations;
students I have known,
but have not seen for a while,
leaving from where I will be returning to.
And the memories of classes,
sneaks, beach trips, concerts
comes flooding back.
Singing, laughing, games on the beach,
hiking mountains, 8th grade predictions,
building things, learning things.
I hope to see them once more,
to tell them how much I enjoyed teaching them,
to tell them my hopes for their futures.
Some I will see,

One of Our Families

Our neighbor's backyard after the rain.  The level had already decreased by about two inches!

The story of the "M" family.  They are our colleagues and we expect to be serving their children's educational needs for some time to come.

We very seldom know what the response of our students is, or if they'll even remember what we've said in class.  If we do see results like that, many times it is  years later. This past week, I, Mike, heard from a student I taught TEN YEARS ago.  I was teaching a Bible class at the time and was trying to impress upon them that in ministry you can do a lot of good things and a person can end up with the primary focus becoming the good activities and to forget to maintain a heart devoted to Christ.



Everywhere I turn lately, I am hearing stories of Job.  The repetition means that God wants me to learn something more from the story.  What could it be?

Mary's Work on the Field

For the last several years, I have only accepted short-term jobs or jobs with very flexible work hours. It seems that while I haven't been seriously sick, I am always dealing with a variety of picayune complaints. The most important work I have done, and still plan to do, is lead the chapel on Fridays for the middle-schoolers. Additionally, I have been asked to assume the webmaster position for the Hillcrest International School. I take over this position when I arrive on the field. You can access the website at http://www.hismk.org.